The weekly podcast about vinyl records and the people who collect them.

We are featured on Hot Peas and Butta

Added on by The Vinyl Exam.

Many thanks to Skeme Richards for featuring The Vinyl Exam on the Hot Peas and Butta website! Here's what Skeme had to say about us: 

There’s a new podcast in town and this might very well be one of the most informative, bang for your (buck) valuable and precious listening time that you’ll ever need.

Hot Peas and Butta is actually how Keith and Sama first connected in Philly. Keith was in collaboration with HPnB for his giant monster comic Kodoja, and Sama had worked with Skeme for an annual bboy competition called Rhythmic Damage. A few years later, and The Vinyl Exam is created out of a fateful connection.

Take a listen to our Launch Episode to hear about how The Vinyl Exam got started.