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Soul Traveling San Diego Bonus beats – The Highlight

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As you know, I was in San Diego in late July 2014. Part one covers a San Diego record show and some places to drink and eat; Part two covers off-site alternatives to Comic Con and Part Three covers my time inside the Con on convention Sunday.

A few years ago an urban vinyl toy company called DKE sponsored a ridiculously cool event called ‘The Vader Project’; they bought 50 (check) Darth Vader helmets and commissioned artists of all types (but mainly ones known in designer toy circles) to paint the helmets however they wanted.  I found out about it at Comic Con 2012; DKE was selling leftover copies of the Gallery Art book featuring every helmet.  To say this is a cool idea is an understatement; it was awesome! Apparently I wasn’t only person who thought it was awesome – Warner Brothers games must have taken notice because they commissioned ‘The Cape and Cowl’ project, buying (x) Batman Cape and Cowls to celebrate both Batman’s 75th anniversary and the upcoming release of a Batman videogame and commissioning them as well.  I found out about it the day before I was inside Comic Con and caught the first four pieces at the DC booth.  The rest of the collection?  Off-site in the nearby Hard Rock hotel.  For someone genuinely disappointed I hadn’t known about the Vader Project I was just as happy to go to this – I took photos of almost every Batman suit from multiple angles, leaving out only the ones I thought were not good. This was my highlight of the convention – maybe there will be an art book about it or something like that, but I got to look at and appreciate all the artists’ work in one place.