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Soul Traveling San Diego Part 2 – Artwork tied into Comic Con

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As you know, I was in San Diego in late July 2014; Part one covers a San Diego record show and some places to drink and eat.

On ‘Comic Con Saturday’ I had a full agenda of Comic Con-type things that did not take place inside the convention center (being that I had no tickets). Let’s go through them:

NERD HQ: I almost didn’t want to mention Nerd HQ because it’s so cool and, despite it being super-awesome it’s not a jam-packed zoo yet. And I like things that aren’t jam-packed zoos! But, against my better judgment I’m going to tell you about it – it’s a super-cool place to chill, recharge your phone and possibly even attend a panel where one of the Nerd HQ founders (Zachary Levi, aka ‘Chuck’) has cool discussions with a myriad of celebrities.  I attended a panel with Sesame Street and it was dope! There are also free videogames to play, activities and live discussions on the ‘Maker Stage’ and even some giveaways from companies eager to tell you about their stuff (one such thing was a cool Guardians of the Galaxy poster this year). So yeah, don’t go. It sucks.

GODZILLA EXHIBIT: This year, there were free-to-the-public Lawn Exhibits for the upcoming TV show ‘Gotham’, ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘Godzilla’, to promote the upcoming DVD release. I went to the… hey wait did I just say Godzilla? I freaking love Godzilla! There was a 25-foot high sculpture (in the style of a poster done last year by mondo to promote the film) and an outdoor gallery of fan and commissioned art.  Not only that, there were a couple photo booths as well.

STAR TREK IN THE PARK: The San Diego Symphony has a summer stage behind the Convention center on (Barrier?) Island, and for Comic Con they pulled out a special treat – live-scoring the first Abrams Star Trek movie.  While the movie played on monitors the orchestra seamlessly ripped through the score, in some parts drowning out the dialogue! It was completely, unequivocally awesome; anyone interested in getting better at their craft (in my case, writing stories and writing music) analyzes everything.  What was great about that comic panel? Do I like this song? Why or why not? You can’t help yourself.  But every now and then something comes along that’s so awesome, you actually sit back and enjoy it. It’s perfect and beyond nitpicking, and you know those things almost immediately. This live-scoring of Star Trek was one such thing – the first two minutes made it obvious it was going to be incredible – and it allowed me to shut my brain off, think about nothing and just enjoy something incredible.