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Soul Traveling San Diego Part 3 – The Long Shot

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As you know, I was in San Diego in late July 2014; if you don’t know that, check out the articles {here} and {here}. Part one covers a San Diego record show and some places to drink and eat; part two covers off-site alternatives to Comic Con.

As much as I enjoyed myself Friday and Saturday, I got to thinking things like “Am I really missing Comic Con that much?”, which is a tough question to answer really.  As much as you like to think it’s an objective question, it’s hard to even take the question itself seriously when YOU’RE NOT THERE, meaning you could just be rationalizing / fronting.  Still it was a question that I thought of a lot; and no matter what happened there was always this secret hope that one of my hail-mary attempts to get on the convention floor came through.

Well, one of them did.

You’re DAMN RIGHT one of them did! Sunday, I went to Comic Con!

Did I enjoy myself? I did. But, by not being able to get in (and being pretty convinced it wouldn’t happen) it gave me fresh eyes with which to view the convention. And much like the allegory of the cave, once you feel some sort of enlightenment it’s hard to feel the same.  Let’s break down a few reasons:

HALL H ON AVERAGE MAY NOT BE THE BEST WAY TO SPEND YOUR TIME. Had I held tickets to Hall H Saturday, I would have woken up at 4:00 am to sit in line for six hours, then sit through panels for another four to see five minutes of content that led to the announcement that King Ghidorah, Mothra and Rodan will be in upcoming Godzilla films.  Then again, immediately after making that announcement Legendary Pictures tweeted that information – no wait, no lines, and I got the information. Did I miss five minutes of footage? Yes. But the footage just set up the announcement anyway and that’s 10-12 hours of my life I got back. I did it once (2013), but once is enough for me.

EXCLUSIVES MAY NOT BE THE BEST WAY TO SPEND YOUR MONEY.  I run a podcast called ‘Nerdometrics’ whenever I think of a cool idea for content.  Let’s just say I have an idea or two behind this idea, but my hunch is, even if you want to flip stuff you buy on ebay for a couple bucks you can choose better stuff than the exclusives to do it with.

THE EXPERIENCE GETS LESS INTERESTING YEAR OVER YEAR. Definitely diminishing returns at play here.  The first year at SDCC? It’s unbelieveably awesome! There’s so much to do! Is that Spongebob Squarepants? And all the panels! Second year? It’s still pretty cool and a lot of things seem fresh.  By the fourth year, you know where almost all the vendors are, realizing that most items are the same year over year. The panels vary little year over year. There’s Spongebob.

In fairness, I table as a vendor at 8+ conventions every year so maybe there’s even less for me as I see a lot of the vendors and companies elsewhere anyway. But I did go through the doors and can say from personal experience the coolest things about Comic Con weren’t inside the convention itself. I mentioned the Godzilla exhibit and Star Trek live in a previous post, but I didn’t mention my personal highlight of the convention.