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'Too Cool to Be True' b/w 'Rigor Mortis' by Big Pimp Jones

Added on by The Vinyl Exam.

This comes up in an upcoming 'Vinyl Exam' podcast – in a discussion with the group Columbia Nights (labelmates on RecordBreakin music), we briefly touch on the time gap between finishing a piece of music for a record label and its actual release. While things vary significantly based on the record label in question, it’s not unusual to send the master to the label then wait 6-9 months for its release. Production times, artwork coordination, marketing efforts, etc all start the moment your master shows up on someone’s desk at the label.

But sometimes things take a little longer, which just happened to us for the ‘Too Cool to Be True’ / ‘Rigor Mortis’ 45 on RBMB (plug: it's out and you can get it here!) We finished up work on the tracks in May 2013; I remember this because part of the horn section on the record is/are my twin stepdaughters, 12 years old at the time (trumpet and sax). They turned their instruments in for the summer right after their session – easy thing to remember right? Anyway, Junior at RBMB got the master shortly after and the plans began, with a loose ETA of January 2014.

Then the delays came. Updated ETA was February, which wasn’t the best news but given the wild increase in Vinyl demand (a good thing) almost every Record Pressing Plant faces, it was understandable. Some more delays made it March, but then the records appeared at RecordBreakin headquarters, ready to go… oh wait, they weren’t ready to go! Apparently the company forgot to print the text on the labels – meaning there were now a bunch of 45s with blank green labels!

The Pressing Plant acknowledged their error (all this is second hand information, since Junior at Recordbreakin was the one who told it to me), but that meant getting in the queue again and getting the finished records in July, ready for orders.

We’re happy the records are ready to go now in all their glory, and we hope everyone out there digs them. Some people have already dug them, as in ‘dug for them’ – those blank green-label records have turned up in a few places with a note on them saying “YES, you just found a limited edition record for FREE!” So yep, there are a few very limited-edition gems out there and the gems are emerald. Happy digging!