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Salazar on Somebody Please

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Wasup Examers, it's Sama:

Our episode this week was about 2 versions of a song called Somebody Please. In the episode, I played clips from Billy Keene's rather funky version, and from the slow, more anguished interpretation by The Vanguards. Because both versions were released in 1969, I couldn't figure out who did the original, and who was covering the song. 

So I left it up to you listeners to help me out. And Indianapolis-based DJ Salazar reached out with this information:

I was not familiar with the Billy Keene version. This is one of my favorite songs and I believe it’s a Vanguards original on the L & M (LAMP) label written by James Davis who also wrote Can I Call You Baby by The Pearls another Indianapolis soul group on the same label.

I also asked you folks out there to let me know if you find another version of Somebody Please and Salazar pointed me to this great R&B cut by K-Ci & Jojo. It's in the same vein as The Vanguards.

Thanks Salazar for the info, and for listening to our show!

For the rest of you, here's Episode 27 in full:

And Can I Call you Baby by The Pearls is a great, slow-mover too: