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Sama becomes a contributor at Today’s Song Is

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Wasup Examers, it’s Sama:

I am excited to announce that, as of today, I have become a contributor at the music blog Today’s Song Is. This opportunity will allow me to share the music I love with even more people.  

For those who are new to it, TSI is a daily music site that features hand-picked songs. It was started in 2012 by Andrew Horn as a simple song-of-the-day blog. Two years after, Will Rocklin took over and reshaped the mission of the blog to be about sharing new, underground music in need of publicity, and to promote bands that are currently on the road. Recently, the blog has had a leadership change; it is currently being spearheaded by Matt Slevin, keyboardist for the San Francisco-based band Brass Animals*.

Matt asked me to head up TSI's Throwback Thursday, which is less about promoting new music and more about showcasing some great cuts from the past. Every Thursday I will share a song that I like and that, I think, deserves your attention. Joining TSI will give me a chance to do some homework and hopefully highlight some tunes that will inspire you to go searching.

To kick off my tenure, here is the song that made me want to seriously learn how to play blues guitar: “Catfish Blues” by Lightnin’ Hopkins. It’s without a doubt my favorite version of this constantly covered blues classic by Robert Petway (1941). Make sure to listen with headphones on to get the full stereo effect.

If you liked “Catfish Blues”, then check out this episode from The Vinyl Exam’s archive that highlights another song done by Lightnin’ Hopkins and covered by Buddy Guy, Junior Wells, and RL Burnside. 

If you have a song that you think I should feature on Today’s Song Is or on the The Vinyl Exam, then reach out to me! Post a comment below, tweet at me (@TheVinylExam), or send me an email: thevinylexam [at] gmail [dot] com. 

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*Full Disclosure - I play aux percussion for Brass Animals.