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Mixtape Wednesday 05 - Playin' Jazz

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Mixtape Wednesday features hand-picked vinyl mixes and the record-collectors who created them.  Find out what inspired this mix in the section below. 


Your Name + Location:

Jimmy Mac + Perth, Australia

What inspired this mix? Tell us a little about it:

The first Playing Jazz mix came from me realizing that I could not remember the last time Id taken out a bag of Jazz records to play out at one of my gigs. So I did just that and recorded it. I got such a great response that I just kept it going.

What was your process for putting the mix together?

Im always tinkering and constantly sifting through music. The Jazz series is generally fusion music. Sambossa, Jazz hip hop, Latin Jazz and the like. I like percussive earthy Jazz. When I'm DJing, I generally play 4 & 5 hr sets and record them. I’ll then sometimes pick out my fav parts and put them out on Soundcloud or Mixcloud.

Favorite song on the mix?

Really hard one this question but at the moment Id have to go with Primo and the Groupe, A child runs free that features on part 4. I choose this one for no other reason than its utter brilliance. I also have to throw in Kenny Dorham, Afrodisia. Its just perfection.

What’s next on your plate these days?

Hopefully going to record Playin’ Jazz part 5 very soon. I've come across some amazing records the past few weeks that I'm itching to put together. I also have a mix series called Heavy Funk on mixcloud that’s doing ok. I'm looking to put out some more on that. I keep busy coordinating DJs for the beat maker collective – The Jazz Jousters. We put out Podcasts on mixcloud. If you have not checked these guys out then the time is now.


The Soul Purpose Radio Show (my boyz). The Jazz Jouster (Millennium Jazz Music) DJ Lob 


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*November 25. 2014 - Jimmy Mac moved his Jazz mixes to Mixcloud.