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Ryan Jones Joins The Vinyl Exam as Photographer

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Our newest member, Ryan Jones.

Last week we announced that Matt Scott has joined The Vinyl Exam. Today we want to announce that in addition to a new writer, we also picked up a photographer! Ryan Jones is a good buddy of our host Sama. The two work a floor apart as scientists, they buy records together, and are always on each other's case about this or that. Please join The Vinyl Exam in welcoming Ryan to the family!

Here is Ryan's bio:

Ryan is a relative newcomer to the vinyl scene, but a long-time analogue fan. He has been an avid photographer since 2008, and specializes in 35 mm black and white photography. His photography career began rather unceremoniously when he discovered his father’s film camera in a dusty corner of the house, and began experimenting with the anachronistic world of film in the post-modern age. He still uses the same Minolta X-700 camera today. His current favorite film photographer is Chris McCaw but he has always loved the classic works of Edward Weston, Ansel Adams and Arnold Newman. 

Ryan is also a neuroscientist at the University of California, San Francisco and specializes in the study of epilepsy and dysfunctions of neural communication. He is also a strong promoter of public science education and co-created the website in 2012. He has since moved on to producing the science podcast, Carry the One Radio, with Sama and others.

Here are a few photos that Ryan took. Come back tomorrow for more photos that Ryan took at the 5 Year Anniversary of The 45 Sessions.